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QuickBooks 2010
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What's New in QuickBooks 2010

QuickBooks SimpleStart 2010 Book-keeping Software

Book-keeping and Invoicing Software for Small Business
QuickBooks 2010

QuickBooks SimpleStart 2010 is the simplest way to manage sales, expenses and customers with ease. It includes customisable templates, statements & improved invoicing. SimpleStart is ideal for new businesses or businesses taking their first steps with computerised book-keeping, QuickBooks SimpleStart takes QuickBooks' friendly, plain English approach to managing business accounts to a whole new level.

Designed based on extensive user testing and with a graphical interface and interactive tutorials, QuickBooks SimpleStart provides a simple way for paper and spreadsheet users to get started with just the essential business software tools.

Easy set up and simple to use

QuickBooks SimpleStart is easy to set up, learn and use. There's help available from the Support Centre and QuickBooks Live Community too.
  • The interactive interview gets you set up and ready to go quickly
  • Use the Live Community to speak directly to other experts and entrepreneurs
  • Access interactive tutorials and video demos for guides to common tasks
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QuickBooks SimpleStart 2010
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The QuickBooks Live Community is an online network of QuickBooks users, entrepreneurs, accountants and other experts who share their knowledge of the software and may answer your questions and provide support and advice.

Whether you are trying to do something new with QuickBooks or need more general business advice, consult the Live Community. You are likely to get answers fast, from entrepreneurs who have been in similar situations – all without leaving QuickBooks SimpleStart.
QuickBooks Live Community

QuickBooks Live Community

Customisable Quotation and Invoicing

Tasks for producing quotation, invoices and chasing payments made simple and saves you time:
  • Generate invoices and quotes within seconds using details you have already entered
  • See the status of orders at a glance: are they invoiced, paid or overdue
  • Send out invoices, quotes and reminders by email saving time and paper
With QuickBooks SimpleStart, you can download customisable business forms for free, giving your business a consistent, slick, highly professional image.

Customise invoices

Customisable invoices

Track, view and control your business cash flow

Whether you are a freelance, running a home-based business or employing a number of staff, the cash flowing through your company is its lifeblood.
  • Create invoices, sales receipts and advance orders
  • Generate sales, expenses and profit and loss reports in moments
  • Understand exactly where the money in your business is going
QuickBooks SimpleStart is the easiest way to get to grips with your business accounting. With a better understanding of where your money's coming from, you're more organised and better prepared to grow your business.

Manage cash flow

Manage cash flow

Built for Freelancers, Home Businesses and Entrepreneurs...

QuickBooks SimpleStart is small business accounting software designed for people who aren't accountants.
  • Simple screens and reports make it easy to manage your finances
  • QuickBooks SimpleStart emphasises the things that are most important to you
  • Get started in minutes and save yourself hours
QuickBooks SimpleStart gives you the essentials you need, in plain English. And if you do rely on an accountant for help with your books at the moment, QuickBooks can help you communicate with them better.

Report profit and loss

Report profit and loss

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