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What's New in QuickBooks 2010

QuickBooks Pro 2010 Small Business Accounting Software

Bookkeeping Software for Your Business
QuickBooks 2010

QuickBooks Pro 2010 is a popular choice of small businesses for fast and easy financial management. QuickBooks Pro 2010 takes care of accounting tasks and routine paperwork quickly and accurately so you can spend more time on your business.

QuickBooks Pro 2010 is the perfect way to manage your businesses' financials more efficiently with comprehensive tools that grow with your business.

Easy to set up and use

QuickBooks Community

QuickBooks Live Community
  QuickBooks Pro is easy to set up, learn and use - because you probably have enough on your plate running a business as it is. There's plenty of help available too, like the Support Centre and Live Community.
  • The interactive interview gets you set up and ready to go quickly
  • Use the Live Community to communicate directly with other experts and entrepreneurs
  • Access the QuickBooks Coach and video demos for guides to common tasks
We know you probably didn't start a business because you care about accounting, so QuickBooks business accounting software is designed for people who aren't accountants.
Price from 225 (Excl. P&P and VAT)
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QuickBooks Pro 2010
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Create Estimates, Quotes and Invoicing

QuickBooks Pro cuts the time taken to produce estimates, invoices and chasing payments. You can:
  • Generate professional looking invoices and estimates quickly using details you have already entered.
  • See the status of orders at a glance: are they invoiced, paid, or overdue.
  • Send out invoices, estimates and reminders by email, in batches saving time.
With QuickBooks business accounting software you never have to enter information more than once. For instance, you can generate an invoice from an original estimate in one click.

Easy estimates and invoices

Create Estimates and Invoices

Track, View and Control Your Cash Flow

Use QuickBooks Pro business accounting software to get to grips with how money flows through your business:
  • Save time by generating invoices and cash sale receipts in seconds
  • Check when bills are due and ensure you can pay them before you send payment
  • Track your stock, set reorder points and issue purchase orders
Customisable reports and dynamically generated balance sheets make it easy to keep an eye on exactly where your money is going.

Sample invoice


Manage VAT with new VAT reporting and eFile

Save time with the ability to calculate and create VAT return in minutes and electronically file VAT returns online to the HMRC, it's fully tested with HMRC systems. The latest VAT rules are incorporated to ensure accurate returns.

QuickBooks Pro uses financial information you have already entered to generate VAT returns – automatically.
eFile VAT

VAT Return

Company Snapshot - One screen with all the information you need

See the state of your business, at a glance, with the easy-to-understand Company Snapshot. It puts customer information at your fingertips.
  • The Company Snapshot gives you a clear overview of your business
  • See who owes you money and what bills you need to pay
  • Reminders show what you need to do by the end of the day
In addition to the Company Snapshot, you can access the Customer and Supplier Centres to see full information about everyone you do business with.

This gives you a quick and intuitive snapshot of your business in a way that is easily digestible and actionable. It helps you ensure that more money is coming in than going out, every day. The ‘Company Snapshot’ is a central place to get a real-time snapshot of the company, money in & money out, and reminders.

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

Reports About Your Business That Actually Make Sense

Base your business decisions on facts. QuickBooks Pro has a comprehensive reporting system that lets you analyse your business data in as much detail as you need:
  • Browse the library of key reports, including profit and loss and balance sheet
  • Get an overall picture or a granular view: click reports to drill down into figures
  • Analyse unpaid bills, payment histories, cash on hand, inventory, waste and more
QuickBooks Pro has over 100 built-in reports - and you can use the advanced interface to build your own too. With all your important business information in one place, it's easier to sift, analyse and interpret it - with no need for any time-consuming manual analysis.

Daily sales summary

Daily Sales Summary report screen

Multi-currency - Simple tool to help you track foreign exchange rates

Trade internationally with QuickBooks Pro. Work with suppliers and customers in their own currencies or convert back to pounds to see where you stand.
  • Download the latest exchange rates and use them automatically
  • QuickBooks Pro keeps a historical record of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Deal in as many currencies as you like and switch between them easily
Multicurrency support is built into QuickBooks Pro. Unlike in other accounting software, you don't need to rely on workarounds or guess the exchange rate.

Multicurrency invoice

Multicurrency invoicing

Project Time tracker

Built in project management in QuickBooks Pro helps you stay organised and makes sure you invoice for the work you've actually done
  • Keep track of exactly what work you've done for each client
  • Make your estimates more accurate by creating standard task lists for routine jobs
  • Run real-time reports to see what you have and haven't billed
By tracking time and expenses for every job and using that information to generate estimates and invoices, you'll charge every customer fairly.

Time tracker

Project Time tracker

Multi-User (optional)

Multi-User mode lets up to 5 people work with your company file at the same time. They can be entering data or accessing reports simultaneously and the actions of one user are immediately available to them all, providing real-time information whenever it's needed. (Requires one license of QuickBooks Pro or Premier per user)


QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll Software is an optional subscription feature and is only available on a monthly subscription plan.

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