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QuickBooks Payroll Software

Put your mind to rest and focus your time and energy on what you do best... growing your business.

Simple and safe HMRC accredited Payroll Software

QuickBooks Small Business Payroll shares the same values as the rest of the QuickBooks products - designed for small business and easy-to-use. QuickBooks Small Business Payroll guides you through each payroll activity step-by-step helping you stay compliant with government legislations along the way.

With full accreditation from HM Revenue & Customs, QuickBooks Payroll Software meets all of the published Payroll standards and relevant quality standards, it also incorporates the capability for you to file your End of Year Returns on-line. You can now take advantage of the tax free incentives offered by the Government and claim back up to 75!

Using QuickBooks integrated Small Business Software means that you can keep all your finances in one place. Run Payroll and your QuickBooks accounts are updated simultaneously!

The simple way to do payroll

Like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Payroll is designed for small businesses. It guides you step by step through each payroll activity offering unparalleled ease of use. QuickBooks is certified by the HMRC (Inland Revenue) for internet filing of your end of year returns.

  • Set-up payroll with the EasyStep Interview then run payroll with a mouse-click

  • All the appropriate deductions from employees' pay are automatically calculated

  • Print paycheques and year-end reports such as P60's, P11's, P45s and P35CS

  • All employee details are kept in a single place

  • Statutory Sick, Maternity and Paternity Pay is automatically calculated for any employee providing accurate information on how much should be paid each period, and saving you time and reducing errors

  • Calculates Student Loans and deducts from your employee's salary the amount needed to pay off their loans

  • Pensionable or non-pensionable payments and deductions

  • Increase accuracy of withholdings

  • Reduce the chance of government fines or employee complaints

Fully Integrated with QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks integrated payroll solutions means that you can keep all your finances in one place. Run payroll and your QuickBooks accounts are updated simultaneously.

  • Print pay slips, cheques and giros directly from QuickBooks

  • Save time, maintain confidentiality by using self seal payslips and P60s

  • Generate payroll reports to get better insight into business finances

Even More Integration with QuickBooks Pro and Accountant

  • Track time spent by an employee on a job and see it flow automatically to pay cheques and invoices

Save Time and Money

QuickBooks Payroll provides you with all you need to stay in control of you payroll and ensures peace of mind that all applicable tax laws are being followed.

  • Complete payroll tax compliance

  • Error-free payroll

  • Free Tax Tables updates

  • A fully integrated solution - no additional software required

  • All employee information in a single place

  • Clear, detailed reporting
QuickBooks 2010
Pay Multiple Employees in one pass

Pay Multiple Employees in one pass

Select an individual employee or groups of employees to pay.

Group together by payment frequency e.g. weekly, and payment method e.g. Cheque.

Preview payment to each employee, make any adjustments necessary before recording the payment.

Pay Multiple Employees in one pass top

Automatically calculate appropriate Tax and NI deductions:

Based upon earnings entered onto the Payslip, QuickBooks Payroll can automatically calculate the required Income Tax, Employee and Employer National Insurance figures, ensuring accurate and compliant employee payments.
Tax and NI deductions
  Tax and NI deductions
Print Payslips

Print Payslips

Quickly and easily print payslips for your employees on plain or pre-printed stationary.

Show the required information, to ensure your employees have all the information they need.
Print Payslips top

P11 Working Sheet

Automatically record all the necessary employee payroll details onto a P11 Working Sheet.

Fully understand each employee's payroll record without any extra data entry or pulling of multiple reports.
P11 Working Sheet
  P11 Working Sheet
Pay Payroll Liabilities

Pay Payroll Liabilities

Automatically calculate and track all the necessary HMRC Payroll liabilities. Know exactly how much you owe at all times.

Payment is easy, select the dates, mark items to pay and click create - QuickBooks automatically writes and prints a cheque to send to HMRC.
Pay Payroll Liabilities top

Year End Wizard (inc e-file)

With accreditation for QuickBooks Payroll from the HMRC for End of Year electronic filing, you can take advantage of the 75 rebate incentives offered by the HMRC.

QuickBooks Payroll walks you through the whole year end process, including e-filing, with a step by step wizard.
Year End Wizard (inc e-file)
  Year End Wizard (inc e-file)

15 reasons to buy QuickBooks Payroll

  • Do you have employees?
  • Do you need to cost effective way of calculating employees pay and recording the costs in your accounts software?
  • Do you use timesheet data to create payroll payments?
  • Do you want an easy way stay compliant with the ever changing payroll rules and regulations?
  • Do you want to claim up to 752 back from the government for your payroll expenses?
  • Safe, Secure and Accurate - HMRC accredited software.4
  • E-file compatible - File your end of year payroll reports online and claim up to 75 rebate from HMRC.2
  • Automated - Calculates all additions and deductions like Employers Pension Contributions and Income Tax
  • Integrated - Payroll information seamlessly updates your company accounts.
  • Issue Payslips - Automatically batch print payslips.
  • Compliant - Easily and quickly view & pay what you owe to the HMRC.
  • Small Employers Relief - automatically calculated for you to make sure you claim your entitlement.
  • Official Forms - Print P14/P60 and P45's on HMRC forms.5
  • Designed for you - process payroll for up to 100 employees per company file and multiple companies.
  • Free Updates - Includes legislative updates during your subscription period.


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