QuickBooks 2006 - More than just bookkeeping
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Payroll - VAT - Small Business Accounts - Invoice
QuickBooks 2006
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QuickBooks 2006 v/s Sage Comparison

Sage Instant Accounts version 10 QuickBooks-Software.co.uk
Sage Instant Accounts Plus version 10 QuickBooks-Software.co.uk
Sage Accountant version 10 QuickBooks-Software.co.uk
Sage Accountant Plus version 10 QuickBooks-Software.co.uk

Easy To Learn and Use

Number of companies 99
1 99 99 1 1
EasyStep Start-Up Interview
Simple Upgrade Path Utility
Real Language, Questions Based Help

Tools to Increase Efficiency

E-mail Forms
Mail Merge functionality/ Label Printing
Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Integration 
MS Office Excel Import
MS Office Excel Report Export
Cut/Copy/Paste Whole Address Fields
Print Shipping Labels
E-mail Statements and Reports
Multi-User Ready (up to 5 users) 
2 users
2 users
2 users
Share Report Templates

Easily Manage Basic Accounting Tasks

Invoice Customers and Track Payments
VAT Tracking, Reconciliation's
Generate Reports and Graphs
Easily Print Cheques, Pay Bills and Track Expenses
Customer Statements
Integrated Payroll (subscription required) 
Customer Discounts (early payment)
Sales Order Processing
Journal Entry Options

More Customisable Options

Customisable Invoicing and Statements
Form Printing Options
Customisable Reports and Graphs
 100 +
Fixed Less than 100
Customisable - uses inbulit program
Customisable - uses inbulit program
Customisable - uses inbulit program

Track Information with Greater Accuracy

Track Cash, Bank and Credit Card Accounts 
Manage Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Customer and Supplier Tracking
Audit Trail
Track All Income and Expenses by Class/Dept.
Stock Control
Create Purchase Orders
Time Tracking
Progress Invoicing, Multiple Estimates per job
Vehicle Mileage Tracker
Loan Manager
Fixed Asset Tracker

Tools to Achieve Better Results

Create a Budget
Create a Forecast
Create a Business Plan
Cash Flow Projector
Reconcile Accounts
Units of Measure - Buy, Sell & Stock in Different Units
Multiple Price Levels
Expert Analysis - Compare Industry Statistics  

Tools to Meet Specialised/More Complex Needs

Advanced Reconciliation Reporting
Assemble Inventory Items to Create Finished Goods  
Remote Access. (First 12 months of service included) 
Generate Purchase Orders from Sales Orders & Estimates  
Create Sales Orders from Estimates

Business Practices

Backup Options for Data Files
Condense/Archive Files
Make Verify/Rebuild accessible when windows open
Password Protected Closing Date
Credit Card Service (subject to successful application)
EBanking - Annual fee applies


No of companies (up to 99)
No of employees
Calculate Income Tax and National Insurance
Tracks Payroll Liabilities
Track sick and holiday time
Print P14/60 , P45 forms and P35, P11 reports
Calculation and validation of SMP/SSP
Online Filing
Tax Credits
1 QuickBooks Credit Card Service required.
2 Requires one copy per user. For up to 5 simultaneous users, buy the 5 User Value Pack.
3 Requires Microsoft Word and Excel for integration at version 97 or above. Does not integrated with Outlook 2002.
4 Services are subject to change and may not be available at all times. Fees and separate registration may apply. Service providers may change during service period. Internet access required.
5 QuickBooks Payroll Service requires a separate fee on annual basis, and is subject to separate terms and conditions.
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